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BookBooster was founded to help bring books to neighborhoods that need them most, and help improve literacy across the country. Read more about our story.
Studies show that the only behavior measure that correlates significantly with reading scores is the number of books in schools and homes.


A.T. McWilliams

A.T. is a program manager on the Google for Education team, and lives in San Francisco, CA. Before moving to California, he taught at an elementary school in Brooklyn, NY, where he first experienced how limited book access affects literacy. A.T. started BookBooster to help close the Book Gap in the Bay area community.

Favorite book: Americanah
Currently reading: Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching
Holman Gao

Holman is an entrepreneur and freelance developer with a love for learning and teaching. He is actively envolved in the edtech community, and was excited to work on BookBooster after learning about the correlation between income, books, and literacy. In his free time, he enjoys singing and playing guitar, practicing Spanish, and tutoring math.

Favorite book: Moneyball
Currently reading: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


2016-17 BookBooster Champions
Shivani Amar
Lauren Baker
Simon Chaffetz
Ezra Kebrab
Veer Nairyani
Alisa Williams
Capella Yee
Abi Raja
“Presentation” by Stock Image Folio from the Noun Project
“House” by Martha Ormiston from the Noun Project
“Right” by Brian Dys Sahagun from the Noun Project
“Books” by Nadi Kurganskaya from the Noun Project

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